3 Vancouver Breweries You Should Be Following on Instagram

With new breweries opening every time we blink, beer brands are going beyond the pubs, stores, and tasting rooms to differentiate themselves from the rest. Three Vancouver breweries have mastered the art of Instagram and stand out from the crowd when it comes to their presence on the photo-sharing app. Check out each one below (in no particular order):

1. Postmark Brewing

Consistent style and high quality photos that do so much more than just showcase beer. Take a scroll through Postmark’s Instagram feed and prepare to breathe in the brand’s individual take on craft beer culture.

2. 33 Acres Brewing Company

The epitome of how to tie an Instagram account into a brand identity. 33 Acres’ photos blend seamlessly with their product labelling – clean, simple, and crystal clear. And food. Lots of really appetizing photos of food.

3. Steel & Oak Brewing Co.

Square photos featuring tons of super rad branded Steel & Oak merchandise (the “S&O” branding is some of my favourite in the game). These guys also feature lots of dogs and the outdoors mixed in with their goods.

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Thanks to 33 Acres Brewing for the article’s featured image! 

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Words: Brett


One thought on “3 Vancouver Breweries You Should Be Following on Instagram

  1. These are probably the top three “lifestyle” focused breweries in greater Vancouver for sure. Whether one would want to follow their instagram depends on whether the lifestyle aligns with theirs – personally I find Postmark’s “lifestyle” does not at all (nor does the beer), 33 Acres neither, while S&O’s is a lot closer. My personal votes would be Storm Brewing for general malarkey and fun and Brassneck for the straight goods!


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