Spring into Summer with the Steamworks Brewing Summer Ale

Luke and I were fortunate enough to attend the launch event for Steamworks Brewing’s Summer Ale a couple of weeks ago at their brewpub on Water Street. I like porters, stouts, and black IPAs as much as the next guy (actually, probably more than the next guy…) but it’s nice to see some lighter beers released as we transition seasons and gear up for some serious sunshine.

Steamworks brewing gastown vancouver bc craft beer launch party summer ale

The Steamworks Summer Ale isn’t what I would consider to be a standard “summer ale” though. While I was expecting some strong citrus fruit flavours, upon my first sip I was surprised to find a more complex brew. Subtle spices and hops blend with mellow citrus notes, making for a well-rounded Belgian Wit that comes in at a light 4.8% ABV.

steamorks brewing summer ale beer launch gastown vancouver

Enjoying my first taste of the Summer Ale

The Summer Ale isn’t what comes to mind when I think of a crush-able beach companion, however, it’s an interesting alternative to the press-repeat, mega fruit-forward hefeweizen that has invaded the B.C. craft beer scene for the past few years. The Summer Ale is available now in 4 packs of tall cans and in bottles as part of Steamworks’ Summer “Mash-Up” 12 pack. Pick it up today and let me know what you think!

steamworks brewing gastown vancouver craft beer launch party summer ale

Also pouring at the Summer Ale launch was the Umeboshi Sour – the second installment of Steamworks Brewing’s experimental “Illumination Series”. In short, I absolutely loved this beer. While some sours are hard to completely enjoy due to their overwhelming lip-puckering effect, Umeboshi is light, refreshing, and pleasantly sour. Brewed with over 500 pounds of sour plums, it has a unique, fruity flavour. Make sure to get your hands on this limited release while you still can.

steamworks umeboshi sour beer craft beer vancouver gastown launch party

Here’s a few more photos from the beer-filled evening:

Words: Chris

Photos: Luke (Instagram: lukemiklerphotography)

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