BeerThirst Launches AleSmith Brewing in Canada

Event graphic courtesy of BeerThirst

If you’ve been following craft beer news closely this past couple of weeks, you’ve probably heard that one of the most celebrated craft breweries in the U.S. is making it’s way north of the border. BeerThirst recently announced that they’ve signed AleSmith Brewing and are bringing their award-winning brews to Canada. Since the announcement, a small batch of AleSmith brews have found their way into select private liquor stores in B.C. which has created a buzz and wet the appetite of local craft beer fanatics. Make sure you grab a bottle of the highly sought after barrel-aged Speedway Stout, which sits at a light 12% ABV…

alesmith brewing speedway stout barrel aged craft beer

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To give you a quick background on AleSmith, as per their website, they were founded in San Diego in 1995 by a three-man team specializing in “handcrafted ales inspired by the European classics”. Since their founding, they’ve won numerous U.S. and international craft beer awards, built a new 100,000 square foot brewery in 2015, and have increased their brewing capacity from their original 15 barrel system to their current 80 barrel system. But most importantly, they’ve made it to Canada!

alesmith brewing craft beer

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To kick things off, BeerThirst is hosting a series of launch events. Three different venues in three different cities on three consecutive days, featuring an insane lineup of AleSmith beers on tap, including an impressive selection of their barrel-aged brews.

BeerThirst is also hosting a meet and greet event on Wednesday, August 23 at the Burrard Public House to discuss an upcoming collaboration between AleSmith Brewing and Yellow Dog Brewing. This is a great chance to meet the staff from each brewery and try a few of AleSmith’s offerings.

If you’re looking to taste some high-quality beers that you likely haven’t dabbled in before, make sure you mark one of these dates on your calendar. I’ll be at the Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar this Thursday, and hope to see you there!

Words: Chris

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