#PourOfTheWeek – Steel & Oak Brewing Picnic Pale Ale

We’re back with Vol. 2 of our #PourOfTheWeek series. This week we’re featuring “Picnic”, a Blackberry and Lime Pale Ale from Steel & Oak Brewing out of New Westminster, B.C.

Steel & Oak Brewing Picnic Pale Ale vanpours Vancouver craft beer Luke Mikler photography

There’s a reason why people get excited every time Steel & Oak Brewing releases a new beer. The consistent quality and creativity with both recipes and design are tops in the industry in B.C. This claim is validated by the numerous awards that they’ve received, including six medals at the 2017 BC Beer Awards.

Picnic is an absolutely delightful pale ale. It’s cloudy with a bubbly, medium-bodied mouthfeel. As the name alludes to, it boasts blackberry and lime flavours, which blend together beautifully. The blackberry adds a slight sweetness and tartness, while the lime adds some citrus juice to the mix. If you can get past the more obvious fruit additions, you’ll notice the hop notes and mellow bitterness that make Picnic a very enjoyable beer.

Steel & Oak Brewing Picnic Pale Ale vanpours Vancouver Craft Beer Luke Mikler Photography

Adding to the awesomeness of Picnic is the simple, clean yet creative can artwork, designed by Sami Christianson, which plays off of a classic picnic blanket pattern. Although the label has only two main colours, the graphics have a nice texture to them and work really well with the Steel & Oak brand.

Steel & Oak Picnic Pale Ale Vancouver craft beer vanpours Luke Mikler Photography

Steel & Oak Brewing’s Picnic Blackberry and Lime Pale Ale is available at their tasting room in four packs of 473ml cans. Go pick some up and let us know what you think…who said you can’t have a picnic in September?

Words: Chris

Photos: Luke 

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